Reviews for "Sunscreen Tree"


aint that a rip of that thing bill gates said?


to everyone out there reviewing this..... the flash isnt good. the song is. or the advice i should say. and the creator of this flash did not come up with the song. so y does this crap get good scores? just cause u have a good soundtrack doesnt make a good animation....

very good

i will most likely use some of this advice. some of it ive heard before and i ignored. some of it i really need ot try and do better. i really liked this. thank you. i hope i get some feedback from you. to the last guy that reviewed this, i like philosophy.


i understand that none gave a 5 cuz it wasent funny, violant or something like that
jan 1st @ 2h in the morning this thing passed @ much music ^.<
the thing that this show want u 2 understand something
but almost none @ newgrouds can understand philosophy
i gave 5 cuz the thing was interesting. well its my choice
but be4 u judge this movie u need 2 watch it completly!


well i get how you were trying to get a message about the future...it was a waste of my time. I couldnt even really hear the guy that good...or i just thought it was crap...:)