Reviews for "Sunscreen Tree"

There's a reason...

I gave this a 10 because I heard this song when I was 8, and I could never find it, thank you. Another reason I gave this a 10 is because I'm having one of the worst days of my life, and it made me smile.

I actually smiled.

I didn't laugh, I wasn't moved to tears, but I smiled. That is the hardest thing to make me do.

Really really good. And good advice, too.


Real nice and a good "feel good song" ^^
Keep up the good work
Thumbs up ^^d
So long


excellent, not the usual, but a great change! i enjoied it, very deep.

Not bad

I enjoyed this very much. I haven't heard that song for awhile, and it is always a nice refresher to hear it. So true.