Reviews for "Sunscreen Tree"

Beautiful choice in music...

Great song and a simple, yet effective, style of animation. Listening to this brought back memories of hearing it years ago.

Excellent for your first flash!


Wow thats some pretty powerful stuff dude
i enjoy it when people make these kinds of flashes like the one by SamBakZa called "HotFish-SameButDifferent"
I really hope to see more of this

thank you

this is one of the best filems i have ever seen any where. it is one of those films that only comes arounds in a good long while. it touched me inside and made me relize alot of things in my life that i am going to change to make me a better person and i want to thank fake shot for that

thank you


This does make me want to get up off my ass and go make something of myself.
This flash is a masterpiece and deserves the award. Anyone who thinks this piece sucks is an incompotent loser who is going nowhere with their life.
The advice is great. Anyone should take it.
Great work. Keep it up and go far.


i think that its great that someone else has accually heard this song .but to b onest i think its better just as a song .no offence :P but still good work