Reviews for "The New Punks"


You got the message perfect.... That's exactly what's happened and it makes me so sick... Die Busted, Avril Lavigne, etc.

Well Done and the artwork and animation kicked ass.
This just made my list.....
And not like the list that the previously mentioned "musicians" are in. The favs list :p

You've got it there

Great that someone can express that thing so well... It pisses me off too! I hate those Avrils and Kelly O's.. Stupid wannabes who have been told that "punk is cool". I want the 90s back too.. Or 80s or 70s or anything!:D


pozers should die

hahahaha...so true

man, not only does the animation rock, but its so true. damn wannabe punk kids piss me off. keep up the good work man.

punks hellla rock

This rocked,u do have to be punk to be cool,and if ur punk you can look like ur idol,me.This was kick-ass man awesome awesome stuff.infact u just got reviewed by a punk,the most kick ass punk ever..... newayz this rocked pure and simple keept it up

sliceofbacon responds:

um...im not sure if you got the sarcasm in my animation. or maybe im not getting your sarcasm in your review...i really hope its the latter