Reviews for "The New Punks"


Graphics and music were great. Just this flash didnt really...tickle my fancy? I dunno ..but props on graphics, music and the truth. Nice job.

Loved it...

Now i just need to save my money up so i can go down to hot topic and zumiez!!!(joking.)

sweet, sooooo true!

got it in one, i really hate how you get people who think there so absolutly cool because they listen to a type of music, rebeling aganst nothing, having attitude problems aganst anyone who dosnt do or listen to what they do. on the plus side, people are realising it ant cool and arnt listening to that manufactured crap anymore. really smooth flash, loved the characters, (they look really cool) and very funny concept.
just as a thought though, who'd go so low as to pinch a flash movie? wouldnt they feel guilty or have a moral dilema? anyways, good flash!

lol That movie was so right!

OMG that is so true! Plus Most of those Geeks go around with those ugly clothes and stuff, get all up my face because i like rap, and then when they get bold and start a fight, they get knocked out and go screaming to daddy! Or maybe that's just the town i live in, oh well! great job!


from the creators of retro....