Reviews for "The New Punks"


Hard to believe the bastards have turned punk mainstream. Wish you could stick those softcore punk pussies next to the real thing... They'd get their asses handed back to them on a silver platter...

I loved it.

Hemm This would have get frontpage if people didnt think it whas stolen. Now it gets waaaay lower then its deserves. Only because of that stealer.

Great! especially that cardboard avril lavigne! :)

agree with the message, animations where smooth


There you have it! Amen! 100% true and sad at the same time. Look at those price tags. But luckity, underground punk still lives. Ya know... that "rebellion against the mainstream" kind.

Beautiful thank you so much!

Finally someone actually brought it out in the open that punk has become such a giant fad now and isnt anything like it used to be. Thank you so much.