Reviews for "The New Punks"

I found this to be pretty funny. I admit that it could have had more...style? I like what you're doing. The best part is when you mention how punk has become mainstream. It's not very rebellious is everybody else is doing it! I really hate it when people think they're doing something new and unique.

The animation was really good. You seem to have been inspired by Jhonen Vasquez. He's such a great artist. I liked the little details in this. You could maybe use a better voice. It just seemed a bit off here.

awsome! lol

so very true, i remember this vid from a while back, and im to lazy to wright a long review, so long story short i agree with the guy below be


it is a sad truth that the rebellion is for the most part over and what was once embraced by a select few is now embraced by the mainstream. what most new age "punks" do not realize is that by buying cloths thast look punk you look like a douche. true punks clothing were what it was because they were too poor to buy new ones and were usually wearing cloths they stole, found or got hand-me-downs. their clothing was tight for most because again, they could not get more. i am not a punk in the sence of the fasion because having most of my influences in the early 90's i retain mostly the grunge look but the ideals of the 80's punk will forever be embedded in my mind. there is no more a reason to rebell for the most part. before it was rebelling for a reason, now it is for the most part rebelling because they can. old punks knew more aboutr politics than any other avereage guy on the street. ask one of these kids who dress punk anything about politics and they wioll look at you like you insain, which you most likely are anyway but thats beside the point. i agree that these days its all about the fasion and the morals in which of of us once stood for taking the beatings from the cops, living the lifestyle, breaking into abandoned building and holding a show in there because no one else would let us play in their place. i remember those days and they are not lost in some places and in some minds, but for this new generation that sence of morals and intergrity that was once held amung punks is now lost

yes, this was needed

as said this was very needed ..screw all the fags like the guy before me saying " blah blah blah ... whine blah blah blah i was also anti everything before it was rad....i had angst...bah blah"
that guys a tool.
i dont know about the rest of the worlds ideas on shitty nuskool pop punkemo crap or whatever they want to call it...i say bring back the 80's punk
well im a late 80's early 90's type of punk listener so ill stick with that era

interesting but....

kinda annoying. Yea i know that punk ideals were all about anti-establishment, but lets face it, by going on the internet and whining about it isn't going to help. I was retro before it was cool, but do I make flash animations about it? No. Do I even complain? Not really. Just face it, no matter what it is it will go mainstream. Just live how you want to live and don't worry about everyone else, if you go about finding a new way to be different, you are just like evryone else. The more different you TRY to be, the less you will. F*** everyone else, be you.

Other than that it was a decent animation
The one and only evil genius
Slash Stevens