Reviews for "The New Punks"


that is fucking awesome!
its amazing now a days that you can walk into a store a little prick kid with mommy's credit card and come out punk rocker of the year. this was great.

so true

your absolutely right. anybody who listens to avril lavigne or good charolette and think they are "hard" or "rebels" or "punks" need to 1)listen to the dead kennedys 2)STOP watching mtv 3) get the shit kicked out of them 4)do drugs 5) and eat shit and die because they are a little poser bitch. one more thing: if you see anybody with a "faux"-hawk, or fake mohawk, personally give me their address so i can go to their house and fucking kill them myself.

sliceofbacon responds:

well you can start with david beckham, and while you're there take out his wife too.
Thanks for the review!


I didn't really like the graphics..but good message.

oh soo true

its so true all these little posers
nice animation btw

Oi Oi Motherfucker!

In CT, punk isnt like that anymore...its hardcore now (a.k.a. th tucker hat and baggy jeans...well soem hXc kids wear girl geans too).
Anyway, that is so like it was 5 years ago and it made me sad. Thank you Hot Topic for making me look like a fool. Im one of the oldest people in the scene, yet I get shit on because I dont look the part.
Today though, mist CT punks get their cloths at WalMart and the Thrift Store...because thats all we can afford.
Thank you for making this movie.