Reviews for "The New Punks"

HAHAH nice!

Burn Hot Profit!!!!!!!!!! my god I hate that store and it breaks my heart every time I see a hardcore band that i like arrive an the shelves as a 25$ shirt. Like under0ATH or Poison the well. and there is the hot topic section at my school were every one weres 100% hot profit clothing on.....because their "punk" ohhh HAHAH and the anarchy circles....my god.... make it stop....belive me you do not want anarchy....... Some one make this stop!!!

Punk is dead
hardcore is dying

die hot topic. ...die...........

Awsome man couldnt say it better me-self

I love love love to skate that the only reason i wear the clothes and they are cool and comftorable but i hate all these idiots who listen to emo and hardline and wat not and crap and they r like hell ya im so cool look at me be fake and listen to avril and simple plan and good charlotte and watever else crap is out there, if u like punk u gotta hear a song or 2 by ill scarllett( i forget how to spel scarllett lol) they are an underground band in canada and they are sic!!! neways ur awsome and i hope u right back...or watever.


Yeah, its like that at my school. Though i go to a prep school...so they are all pretty strange like that...i would be in that weird catagory...

any who, how much do you bet that if that commerical was actually on TV, every body on earth would go "gothic" "sadistic" preppy" or clubish, like those guys you see at expensive gold clubs and stuff...i would laugh...

Lol, its so true!!

Thats just like it at my school! It was funny and... well, was good! Make one on retro!! (flashcritic1)

You nailed it

One thing I regret is these new "punks" will never see a GG Allin show or probably ever hear of the guy. It would have been fun to test how "rebellious" they really were. Another thing I regret is never getting to go to a GG Allin show myself. Makes me wish I was born 10 years earlier than I was. I hate that I "went punk" right at the time it was getting popular to do so. Ah well, as long as it's Black Flag and not Good Charlotte I'm cranking, I think I'll be okay.