Reviews for "The New Punks"

Good Job

You hit the nail on the head man, too many people try to be punk. the trick is to just do what you feel like, not what everyone else does. great job on the movie

So true man

I've been skatin for 8 years and now im seein all these little posers tryin to get in to the skate scene. Its quite pathetic actually.
Yea i still wish it was the 90s too lol good movie by the way.


i thought i was the only one that noticed the punk "mainstreamness", but i guess not. nice style and good sound. an all around good flash with a funny little message

so true

Its funny to watch em all walk out of hot topic with new studded cloths to show all their freinds, keeping the receipt in case its out of style by the time they get to school.

"Punks not dead, it just deserves to die..."
Jello Biafra

so true, m8.

i'm goth, and the same thing is happening to us. all the styles that used to be different...are the same. at least for us, we can be identified as real or a poser. so sad...

i liked the style, it was like invader zim.