Reviews for "The New Punks"

Good job!

Your right, punk used to be about rebellion and it was a way to fight back. Now its just a way for people who own busineses to make money off of dumb kids, they took punk from the underground and made it mainstream.


well, im not into punk stuff, but this was a really good animation, and i'm glad to see it being submitted by the actual author too, i can see why some stupid people would want to steal this, but im glad to see you upload it on here.


someone else who sees the punk fad as i do. its no longer about the music and rebellion(outcasts), but the consumerism and what 80s punk rebel against the most: massed conformity, which is masked through the tools we call artists. great work, hope to see another try making a one on rap(even though it is my favorite music) or emo(those batches of pansys)
P.S. 80s punk was authentic, please remember the huge fashion outbreak in the 80s. they did not sell faded/ripped jeans targeted at specificly the punk generation. the punk generation's clothing style back then was to erratic for the fashion industry to control, unlike today which is utterly dominated.

sliceofbacon responds:

exactly my thinking behind the animation, thank you.

Oh man I love flash like this.

Now this hit my funny bone. I seriously love these Ad parodies. Its worth the watch kiddies.

It got the point across

It did a good job at getting the point across. It's a pity that NG has to out that statement there because of the fronters...