Reviews for "The New Punks"

soooo true

that is beyond true im so fed up with these newer punks that go around skateing and singing lines like "im a dick im adicted to you" its not punk in the slightest anyway great animation man well done

The truth!

Somehow a very true flash animation... has music lost it's flavor of reality? XS

Very good flash animation, by the way. =)


Sad but true, when punk was invented, it wasn't about cute little ties and trucker hats, it was about fast music, going to underground shows, and moshing like a madman... sometimes i wish they could see that bands like The Sex Pistols, or Anti-Flag, or even The Adicts are real punks.

Anyway, I enjoyed the idea behind it, turning it into a sarcastic low blow commercial to show all those goddamn Good Charlotte and Simple Plan fans their no where close to filling the combat boots of a punk.

Pretty much a cool little toon, carry on.

Awesome man. Great Satire.

Hampi666, u don't get it. It's sarcasm, stupid.

I found it really funny. Especially the Avril cardboard cutout. Great stuff.

oh my goat ramming christ...

truly you are quite a dumbass... you aren't explaining new wave punk, you were explaining POSERS!!! baggy jeans, skateboard, neck tie, wrist band, thats all poser shit!... and trucker hat?! thats just retarded! posers become "punk" to be popular, and they fail miserably, and you explained exactly them in this film! avril lavigne?!she is by far the single biggist poser i have ever seen!!!
(and i can see someone clearly wishes they were johnen vasquez.

sliceofbacon responds:

mate, i hate to break it to you but new wave punk ARE posers, and you are all really no better the avril. So yes, my animation is about posers. Hence the VAsquez style. Mate everyone else who gave me a review seemed to get it. I don't why it went over you're head...oh thats right, the animation is about wankers like you.