Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

This piece definitely hits close to home... The way the piano expresses a thousand years of infinite loneliness is only driven to a deeper level of macabre insanity by the pulsing of the lone heart. The shattered emotions in this song can resonate with anyone who knows what it's like to lose someone you love... The minimalist approach only adds to the hollow feeling, and I get a strong sense of longing for the past and how life used to be. For me this reminds me just how far from complete my life is now. I thank you for completely taking my emotions and translating them into this beautiful composition. My love for music almost died with her, but it's songs like these that help me cope. Mad love for this one. 5'd and Fave'd.

i was reading the saddest story about some monster who beat his wife, while listeing to this-
i literally balled my eyes out, and had to watch harry potter to calm myself down.....
god bless you for submitting this <3

I started crying. Thank You so very much.

It's so peaceful....it's like it came out of a video game

Could i use this in an upcoming project if i decide to make it? i only ask because its not a flash or a game but an actual film. this song is more than perfect. when (if) i make it i will of course give you full credit and link you to the video. :)

broove responds:

Of course you can ;)