Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

This is one of the most astonishing song I've ever heard. and the atmosphere of the music goes surprisingly well with the other reviews posted for this song. my only complaint is that i wish the song would never end for it is a beauty that few are able to behold

It's full of emotions and I love the ending
I first heard it in Colour my heart and I fell in love With it.

At least for 3 minutes and 41 seconds I'm at ease and peace.

Wow. Just, wow. I.. am speechless. It just sounds amazing. I'm a pianist and a general electronic music composer, and this inspired me. Thank you - inspiration was really what I needed! Also motivation!

Keep on playing!

I've discovered this song when the composer uploaded it to Newgrounds. Today I was searching for it today, it actually took me about 3 hours of browsing through other songs, knowing only that it contained the word "heart" in the title. Completely worth the time. For some sad reason I didn't comment on the song and did not place it into my favourites.

This song deserves a far better recognition than it has. The soft piano sounds, the hammer hitting the strings as the keys slowly fall down and the rythm falls together into a wonderful composition. And the hearbeat... it added the finishing touch. A touch of a heart. I wish the composer only the best in the artistic ventures. The world needs people like you.

broove responds:

Thank you for your kind words.