Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

WOW 10!

that was awesome... though i (personally) would like some sheet music so i coud learn this... AWESOME MAN!

broove responds:

There are no sheets, but there are tabs on my user page.


dude you are seriously frickken talented.
i think we have a proffessional musician on our hands people.
Seriously...kepp up the good workBD

broove responds:

it's just one song.
thanks .

I am.... well.... speechless....

I can't believe how utterly AMAZING this is! You are officially one of my new best friends now....

I'm going to give this song the ultimate publicity. I love it and its just simple, and adoringly perfect...

='] Its one of those songs that would play in the background of a movie were a kid meets his family after being taken by a creep....

Absolutely touching!

I thank you for this song!



broove responds:

I've got a new best friend! Awesome! :)
Thank you a lot for the review. It made my day ;)


Simple, yet beautiful. I'd type more, but I'm a bit busy listening to this.

broove responds:


very nice piece

im trying to learn it by ear and play it for my girlfriend =)