Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

Whats your Inspiration???

AMAZING melody
with GREAT story inside

it would be fit in a film music with orchestral sounds, pads, drums and a lovely voice on background.
i donĀ“t think it wolud be fit in dnb or other liked genre
you said "lonely tune" it must being sad not aggressive


broove responds:

It may be a lonely tune right now, but I actually have some ideas how to stress the melody better with some drum and other elements... but we'll see about this later.

About inspiration... Usually I don't search for anything to inspire from. I just sit at the midi keyboard and try to play. However lately I discovered Ludovico Einaudi and now he's kinda an inspiration for me. He's a really really great composer, I'd recommend him for anyone.

Thanks again ;)


Had I been a judge for this month's MAC, I would've definitely without hesitation consider you in the top of all the other submissions. This track is perfect in almost every way. What attracted me most compared to the other submissions with piano in them is how the way the piano is played here, very freely. But, near the end starting around 2:22 where the right hand livens up a bit, it loses a bit of the realistic feeling though. It would've helped much here if you stretched the tempo like you did in the beginning. I like where it was headed, when you started intensifying the momentum.
Ending was just perfect.

Goodluck in the MAC, I honesly hope you get placed fairly.


broove responds:

To be honest, I didn't write this song specially for MAC - it was a regular submission. When I found out about the MAC, I realised that the theme actually suits the song.
To be honest 2, I'm not good at piano (bought my MIDI keyboard a year ago, but I really got fascinated with it). There's much computer editing going on, but I really tried to make this song realistic by changing tempo, velocity and other little things. Near the end I used quantization and that's why it may lose the realistic feeling.

Thanks for the review, mate!

so.. beautiful.

i have a clasical trance song that i was thinking of putting up, i made for mac9 but after hearing these amazing beautiful song i am thinking again, just great!

p.s. this would be great in DnB style like a beautiful and body moving beat, would b great, but just piano, heartbeats and reverbs were still amazing!!!!

broove responds:

if I'll decide to make another version, it won't be too soon.
Thanks for the review


This is a beautiful piece, it lures you into a story of sadness and lonelyness, and makes you get in touch with your feelings. The effect, heartbeats and reverbs were wonderful, gave the piece more beauty.

The only complaint I have, is what happened with the ending? it feels forced, and ends too sudden.

It's just that, al the piece is amazing from the first note.

broove responds:

I didn't think about the ending, actually, cause sounds pretty normal to me. But you know, if, while making the song, you're listening to it over and over again, everything will seem normal.

Thanks for the review


Lovely melody you play here. sugar reverb and playing-backwards effect do their job creating a nice atmosphere. the song is indeed very lonely. I miss the "love" in it. feels more like someone has a whole in their heart on Valentine's Day. Which, of course, is legit. The climax at the end is kinda refreshing and changes the mood to something more....hopeful?!...

broove responds:

hopeful? Perhaps. It's about how you perceive it.