Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

I cannot express how amazing this is. I'll try my best, anyway.

It was truly divine. It successfully conveyed the feeling of sadness, loss, and even the feeling of everything coming to an end.

You've even managed to outdo MrMusicalLion. That's a real achievement.

This was such a beautiful song it scared the living crap outta me. I loved it! Keep up the good work!

Well done very well done!!! is there maybe a chance I can get the piano sheet? I want to play this so badly!

You manage to convey emotion, thought, and feeling into this song. Only someone who has experienced great pain or someone who has just had a revelating thought could pull off something like this. The song just pulls straight at the heart, it just seems so very sad.

Very touching and emotive. The song treads on the path of the beautiful, yet sorrowful. It captures the sensations of the subtle, powerful pumping of humanity. Quite inspiring...

Reminds me of part of Thomas Gray's poem "Hymn To Adversity,"
". . . And Melancholy, silent maid
With leaden eye, that loves the ground,
Still on thy solemn steps attend . . ."