Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

It might be sad and lonely....

... But somehow, this tune can make you feel happy... It feels like being hurt, but at some point, it feels warm and like going to a new place, where all your sorrows are gone :)

wow..just wow

This song is sad and romatnic at the same time...
if i close my eyes and think of some wonderful and not so nice times in my life, this song just fits well...

from the start so calm and gently and then getting more and more powerfull of expresion end feeling!

that is truly the power of music...

thank you for that one!

This is Beautiful

This song is so calm... so sad...
Wish that this song play in every sad moment of my life


This is the best piano song i've ever heard and if i ever say otherwise, feel free to stab me in the heart with a rusty kitchen knife!

Can't belive i didn't fav this the first time i heard it

Heartbreaking- in a good way

This is one of the best songs in the universe. When I first heard it, I was severely depressed. This song made me cry, but it helped me to release the pain I had been holding inside for far too long. I love it, because it sounds like hope, if that makes any sense at all.