Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

Such a touching song.You earned my biggest respect.

I love this song so hard. So beautiful, moving, and evokes the right kind of emotions. Keep up the good work man!

Came across this tune while playing the game "Why this?" by ugolegend94, and the music took me by storm. It's absolutely a lovely arrangement, and the bottom piano part when it does the crescendo into the chorus of the song is a terrific touch to the tune.

This is by far the greatest piano solo I've heard in a long time.
Good job.

this song made my nips hard u earned my respect

I remember when I found this song over 2 years ago originally and it's been sitting on my hard drive, it's lasted through 5 computers thanks to backups. I absolutely love this song, and I hope you see this review.

After I got this new computer this song didn't make it to my library somehow so I had to find this page and re-download it. I wish you had this on iTunes because this has deserved being bought considering how long I've been playing it.

Thank you :)