Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

Oh my god....

I came home from school today really pissed off and wanting to hurt someone. I happened to find this song and......wow. It made all the violence leave me. It made me feel calmer. I can't even describe how soothing this music is, nor how pleasing it was to hear after another day of torment. This just made me......I don't even know.

Terrific work.

broove responds:

Did I save someones face?
I'm really proud of myself. :P

Thanks for listening, man!

Pretty good friend...

Can feel the music in your hert

broove responds:

Music in my heart!?
Who knows what's there...

thanks for listening


This song is simply beautiful. I agree with C-life; it does sound peaceful, sad, and happy in a way.

It makes me feel as if I have wings and am flying through a clear crystal blue sky with the sun at my back.

Again, simply beautiful. Well done.

broove responds:

Thanks for listening, mate ;)


i feel this song in my heart, just weird
it sounds so peaceful, sad, but in a way ...... happy.

if i could say more to praise it i would.
(or maybe not cuz im lazy, but u get the point :D)

im goin to have a really great night of sleep today,
thanks to this.

and maybe there will be written some poems cuz of this song.

btw. i vote breakcore remake.
thats cuz i loved "these mistakes are mine alone" on ngap.

Hail you 4 this song

broove responds:

The breakcore is the most propable variant.
Thanks for listening.


Truly beautiful

This is one of the most emotive and well composed pieces of music I have heard on here. I can't stop listening to it. Each time I do, it conjours up different emotions and ideas. It would be perfect played over a silent film as the music conveys all the emotions necessary for a melancholic piece.

Extremely moving. I wish you all the success you rightly deserve in the future.

broove responds:

Thank you for the review
And thank you for the best wishes aswell ;)