Reviews for "Rikku's Eyes"


Okay I gave this a ten, cuz Da**it you can make art.
BUT, no offense, But I got to say that Rikku's boobs were NOT that big in the game. In fact, I feel kind of cheesy for saying this, but she was always more petite in the games than the other girls.
So, while it is well-drawn, I believe I can say without sounding TOO homo; that this picture was drawn to the dreams of little boys, and not to the actuality of the RPG. Just a thought. ;)


her eyes are hypnotic... her breast... too... lol

nice pic

she looks ni- WHAT THE FUCK??!!???1

her eyes are so swirly :S


woo hoo rikku is one of my fav ff girls besides yuna and areis. good job on the skin contrast and espascaly the eye detail now tts good

Ra ra ra

@Bandanana: No, that's Yuna who has a green and blue eye. She has that because she's only part Al Bhed.

Cute picture, but I'm not entirely fond of the eyebrows, I think her bottom lip is a bit too big too.