Reviews for "Rikku's Eyes"

Im watching the eyes , yea the eyes ...

Oh my, they're perfect...nicely drawn...I could look at those forever
Damn, those are some pretty eyes...

Oh, and the tits are nice too.


It's Rikku's Facebook pic!

Simply put, whats not to like? Good art, Sexy babe , and those eyes...they'er oh so very Captivating.


I LOVE Rikku. Amazing character. This is wonderful art, but I must make one tiny criticism. Something is off about the face. I haven't played X-2, soI don't know how long a gap there is between X and X-2, but I think that she seems a bit too old. She was far more girlish in X, at least. And on a personal note, I wish you had done her old costume. This isn't a criticism, because I know most people like this one better. I just liked the original. I noticed one last problem. If you turn your head to look at her face at a normal angle, there's something funny about her face. I think it's her nose, actually.

Anyway, amazing art. And I did stare at the eyes, and the boobs. I did my bit. Now go draw some more.