Reviews for "Rikku's Eyes"

look into my eyees

damn you did a good rikku.. hope that didnt sound wrong and is it me or is there never any paine art?

your awesome

the eyes are magnificent
I feel like im going to fall into them
and if not them than somthing a little lower on the screen

Nice eyes

Cool eyes, they seem hypnotizing. Also this art seems more like E than a M unless.... Boobies! XD

swirly eyes...

the eyes look like swirly gems...and i din't get the M until i looked down. cute .

Would like to see her whale tailin' it but......

It's about her eyes! Her deep, swirly green eyes......
I think her boobies are fine, would like to see more of her body though. But in another pic, 'cause this ones focusing on her pretty face!