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Reviews for "Rikku's Eyes"


I LOVE Rikku. Amazing character. This is wonderful art, but I must make one tiny criticism. Something is off about the face. I haven't played X-2, soI don't know how long a gap there is between X and X-2, but I think that she seems a bit too old. She was far more girlish in X, at least. And on a personal note, I wish you had done her old costume. This isn't a criticism, because I know most people like this one better. I just liked the original. I noticed one last problem. If you turn your head to look at her face at a normal angle, there's something funny about her face. I think it's her nose, actually.

Anyway, amazing art. And I did stare at the eyes, and the boobs. I did my bit. Now go draw some more.


Those beauties are GIGANTIC! With their nice tan and curves... wait... what?

Look at the eyes? What do you mea... oh... my bad...

Ummm... nice eyes you drew....



Funny story...

I looked up "Al-Bhed Eyes" like you said and I saw this same image in there :P

Sabtastic responds:

lol aw, sweet..! Really?
I'm takin' over Google, yo!! :D

Actually yes

The first couple of times I looked at this I could only look at her EYES! They were just drawing me!!! Now that I stopped looking I noticed the rest.

I love the line art in this piece. You making the lines thicker in the picture makes it look nice. It looks like I'm looking at a drawing that I would see in manuals in the game. One thing I noticed is that her left strap is broken, or at least it looks that way. Overall she looks very pretty.

Nicely drawn and one more thing -


Sabtastic responds:

Her eyes actually look like that in-game. She's "al-bhed", and that's one of their defining features. C:

Just google "al-bhed eyes", and you'll see some screenshots.