Reviews for "Rikku's Eyes"

shes trying to hipinotize me... she did it

the eyes, its hipinotic, i try to look down (NOT TO THE BOOBS.... ok maybe a little) but her eyes are to hipinotic...


she's hypnotizing me, make it stop !!
xD nah kidding, u've got some sick skill in drawing, keep 'em coming

Her eyes...

Aren't the pupils of her eyes supposed to be blue on one eye and green on the other?

Sabtastic responds:

Nope :)
I think Yuna is the one with multi-coloured eyes.


Well done, i like the uncommon angle, An indiscreet way to show the whole body while still drawing the viewers eyes towards hers. Gotta love the Al-Bhed, she was my favorite mid-battle stealing was fun plus the bombs.


She looks like she is in a shroom high and stuff in a small box just a few inchs shorter then her. Anyway, still good and keep up the good work, like you do anyway.