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Reviews for "Rikku's Eyes"

the only

good art you have.
all your other art is boobtastic. which isn't good. make real art.
not all of use art horny boob loving teens.
but awesome job here.
final fantasy owns every game.

Sabtastic responds:

You're the one obsessed with 'boob' art, so quit being such a hypocrite.
You've reviewed almost EVERY SINGLE f*cking 'boob' drawing i've submitted, and all you ever have to say revolves around how that character has boobs.

Take your dick out of your hand for a minute and rate my work like an adult.

I noticed without reading

I wonder how you came up with the idea for those eyes.
Its like theres another dimension in there.

Sabtastic responds:

She's got "Al-Bhed" eyes in the Final Fantasy games, which means they have little swirlies. :3

Thanks for the nice review. ^^


you make it really hard to look at her eyes


The picture is good but... You haven't quite gotten that Rikku look in her face. She is, kind of, beaming another personality than Rikku in the game's personality. But as a picture in itself it's great! 9/10 and 5/5


The angle is great and the shading is awesome. The way you drew it makes it look sketchy and still hav that realism to it, Ive always liked that style of drawing. I know you dont take requests, but I would just like to see more drawings with this look. Your art is amazing. I hope you're getting paid for it.