Reviews for "Rikku's Eyes"


Her Eyes remind me of Emerald coloured Marbles...

very nice

very nicely drawn but somthing about her face looks a little strange to me (not her eyes)

Sabtastic responds:

There are soooo many things wrong with this one -- only because I drew this back in the 11th grade, and because perspective is such an awkward thing to work with. lol
I think the thing that looks the weirdest, though, is her neck. It's not quite lined up with everything else. :o

..but shh! :o


the eyes one of my favorite feature drawn so amazingly! i wish i could draw like that

Nice done

Nice done there. It really looks good.

the only

good art you have.
all your other art is boobtastic. which isn't good. make real art.
not all of use art horny boob loving teens.
but awesome job here.
final fantasy owns every game.

Sabtastic responds:

You're the one obsessed with 'boob' art, so quit being such a hypocrite.
You've reviewed almost EVERY SINGLE f*cking 'boob' drawing i've submitted, and all you ever have to say revolves around how that character has boobs.

Take your dick out of your hand for a minute and rate my work like an adult.