Reviews for "Rikku's Eyes"

Oh Boy!

I swear I thought I had seen the last of her. BUT NO! Somebody brought her back and shes out to kill! Awwwwssome job! And no I will not stare at the eyes for five minutes (like I just did)resulting in me spazzing out. xD

hi sabrina

i will give you a 8.you would get a ten if you show her boobs


awesome bitch.


i got dizzed away because of the eyes.... theyre so deep.... wonderful piece of art once again!

You actually got the eyes right

For that alone I would have given you a 7. So many drawings done of Rikku, but all of them forget the spiraling eyes of the Al-behd. But then you had to go a draw some more, and keep it awesome. You have a weird style to drawing, but I like it.