Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


this is worth waiting a lot of time this was good like really awsome nice job do more i liked it alot!!!

I love it!!!!!!!!!

even though u just copied the manga picture by picture but still that's kinda hard. some pictures looked alittle weird but who cares? great job!! i'll look foward for more

Loved it

I loved how you make the scene where Gohan becomes a super sanan agianst cell by using the japense text and the japense like drawings you did not "americanize" it which they do to so much Anime such as Tenci and Big O (which sucks and I don't think of it as anime) You are one of the few who I like that keep anime in true condition.


1 problem tho that really bugs the hell outta me... can you PLZ get this translated this shit is PHAT but just wish i could read it.

That was awsome. make more like this eh.

This was one of the better movies. Keep it up.