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Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


This kinda defeats the purpose of it being an "animation," as it was just frame...after frame...after frame. Anyone could've done the same with powerpoint to be honest, and besides its hardly a "tribute," if you just showed pictures from 1 saga, when DBZ is such a huge show.

Is ok.

it coulve gotten a 6 ot more for an overall grade, but either put in English, or else I have no clue what the hell went on in this flash show. Good effort, though.


this movie sucked, i watched the whole thing just because DBZ is the best show ever but u made me hate assholes like u who ruin something great by puting up a shitty videos about it, sure the art was cool and original but it was soo boring, you now what you just ruined my day u BASTARD


1-good drawings
2-shitty musical choice
3-just about as exciting as watching a pile of moldy shit grow old.
i didnt even watch the whole thing.


These are actually Akira Toriyama's art with an adobe streamline filter over them and gradients used to color them. Plus a bad song. Crap.