Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

I loved it!!!

DBZ RULES!!! Those drawings were amazing.
This tribute was cool


Excellent tribute, Nedrick! You done fucking supreme work on the DBZ manga right down to the colors itself! The Cell Chapter is just like the same thing when it became anime! When I get my Flash films going, I'll hope to be #1 myself! You're #1 with me!


most badass dbz movie ive seen. a MUST see

I luv dbz

IT such a shame its now ended i cant find it anywhere any more does any1 know whr? gr8 flash and liked the style.. u can buy them on certian bidding sites nudge nudge but im not sure if there real.
anyway great flash

Tribute-To-Dragonballz-/Dragon Ball Z

I like the part when Gohan turned in to a Super Saiyan 2. He was fighting the Cell Juniors.He started to fight Cell. Cell died and came back alive abrubtly.He started to fight him again andf then he finally died! $OlayiwolaBrown$