Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

Sum Dum Guy

It looks to me like you copied the pics, and also, isint that cell in it? I dont think cell was around 2 years ago. To me it just looks like another one of those peices that the so called "artist" did little work, then tried covering it up and says "I didnt copy it" BLA BLA BLA. But whatever, Kudos to you if Im wrong.

Saw that before .

For your information . Gohan beat Cell already ! That one you made one was old one.

wtf just happend?

Ok first thing... I can't read chinese or japaniese or watever the hell that was... second it was a slide show. But i do give you credit for those drawing which were superb


words fail me this was awesome...


wtf is this?