Reviews for "Castle of Tears: Bloodlines"

Best rendition of Bloody Tears I've heard so far.

I probably wouldn't be able to do better myself in my lifetime! (As I am now anyway... I know NOTHING of how to do stuff like remixing songs or where to get the programs to do so) In any case, if you didn't already know, this has been stolen by a "DigiE". For those who don't believe me, here's the proof:
If you look at the date that and this were posted, you'll see this was posted about 2 months before DigiE's. Which is 2008-09-12.
Oh, and I hope that this doesn't count as attempting to promote an outside site, as that was not my intention. The URL address was just for reference use.

NemesisTheory responds:

DigiE is the group I work with. ^^

But I'm glad you liked the song. :)


Long live Castlevania. I think the fact that people like you are the people that immortalise these games by creating these remixes as well as others creating parodies... Init.

NemesisTheory responds:

Haha, I hope so. We all like paying homages to the things we like the most, and it's really great when other people like the result. =]


Yeah I had no choice but to pump the volume up and rock out to this. Amazing work man, keep it up!

NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you! :)

im just awed by this....

im a major castlevania freak and i love the remix you made to this, but the one I want to see (even though not many people like the new 3-D games) is House of Sacred Remains from Castlevania L.O.I, I just want to see your remix of that because this here just amazed me...

Full honors of 15/15

NemesisTheory responds:

I'm gonna have to check that song out then! I haven't heard that many modern Castlevania tracks, I'm ashamed to say. It's mostly the old ones (NES/SNES), and the ones from Symphony of the Night that stuck with me the most.

Grand Song But.....

This is actually from OCremix.com its under the same title as this only with all that space and extra junk I think so this is not the actual recipient that made it but none the less Grand Song.

NemesisTheory responds:

DigiE = NemesisTheory