Reviews for "Castle of Tears: Bloodlines"

...something is very wrong with you.

Seriously, you must be very sick in the head. Your giving this stuff away... for FREE? I'm a famously stingy man, and I would EASILY pay 50 bucks for a CD of your work. You, sir, need to get out of newgrounds and make your fortune, because, for the love of god, everything you make is a masterpiece.

Thank you for making all of this. I feel bad every time I hear it, because nothing this good in life should be free. >_<


Awesome =]

I have to confess, i love drawing my designs to your music!
And this piece is no different, i love how it goes from slow and mellow to fast and up beat, then it goes into a kind of majestic sound a few times, great work!

P.s. you were the first artist on Newgrounds I ever heard, and you've been my favorite ever since =] and yes I've listened to others (>^-^)>

Ok Then

This is the very first song I ever listened to on Audio Portal, so I naturally didn't want to review on it, but after doing so to others, I've decided to come back to say that this is still a fantastic piece of work. You've taken a song that's known throughout many Castlevania fans and made your own, changing it from a simple song to an epic masterpiece. I love how it starts off softly and then goes right into it, an amazing transition. You, my friend, are one of the gods of music.

i like it

nice song vary clean tho for this style of song lol i enjoyed it vary much

I hate you...

This song of course deserves a 10, but seeing as all I can think about is listening to it and it will no doubt be stuck in my head for the remainder of my life, I'm giving you only a 9!! (no worries, you still get your 5/5... DAMN YOU ANYWAY!) >:o