Reviews for "Castle of Tears: Bloodlines"

awsome job

basicly what you did was take bloody tears and remixed it....



From a Catlevania fan, this is a great omage to the series.
Keep the great work.


holy crap... i had your older version, and that one was good, but this.... this is beyond that... the new bass sound, the choir, more strings.... this is too cool. amazing.


I downloaded the "DigiE - Castle of Tears OCRemix" like... forever ago. I enjoyed it, even though I had never even played Castlevania 2 before. I had no idea that I'd eventually be uploading music on the same site as the remixer of this damn good tune.

Great work, I'm sure you already know that though. I honestly hope you're getting some sort of money for your works. Because there are few audio artists who deserve it on this site, and you're one of them. Good luck doing whatever it is you're doing!

I was wrong to think that...

I listened to your other version of this song for months on end, getting many points of inspiration, but, with this slight change, i was wrong to think that it couldn't get any better, thank you for proving me wrong :D