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Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


Everything was very well done, except for livecorpse... He is a fucking cunt.


That was reaal nice...
I always look forward to these.
Cant wait until the next one.
Oh and Live corpse you have some serious problems your flash scared the shit out of me!


Yes, even more. I love these, it's interesting to see what people can make out of these and it puts their skill to the test. I like how you vary the schemes. Good work man!


The last 2 where the best =)

I like most of them expect Livecorpse

Hes a dickhead, hes getting rewards becaues hes getting it from the time trails not from himself.

I love luis and the other but Livecorpse is leaching from ppls. I mite do what he did in his flash to his dog or him

Welldone for the other people you deserves this expect livecorpse he need a turd award insread.