Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"

Woah ! 4 great movies packed into 1 ! Awesome !

Wow guyz ! Amazing stuff !
In my opinion, Foxcato's movie is my favorite. I loved the song. The animations were so cool and so is the little story. I like how those guyz looked like !
Second i liked was the movie from Sqeezy. Great idea about "defining evil and good" ....the animations were nice ! Love the soundtrack aswell. Music is important...great choices !
Keep up the good work !


Yes, even more. I love these, it's interesting to see what people can make out of these and it puts their skill to the test. I like how you vary the schemes. Good work man!


The last 2 where the best =)

I like most of them expect Livecorpse

Hes a dickhead, hes getting rewards becaues hes getting it from the time trails not from himself.

I love luis and the other but Livecorpse is leaching from ppls. I mite do what he did in his flash to his dog or him

Welldone for the other people you deserves this expect livecorpse he need a turd award insread.

this review is for FoXcatO ONLY

foxcat i loved it - the rest were meh - but your stuff is gold! One question tho - what song is that?