Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


Everything was very well done, except for livecorpse... He is a fucking cunt.

one of the better Time Trials

Squeezy, lol, Lord of the Rings music with a futuristic flash, creative thats for sure, i liked the store named "coocoocachu"(bill cosby :P) i thought that was pretty funny, i liked your animation at the beginning the best, and it remained pretty good through the whole movie, good job!

Livecorpse, too far is too far. sure, beat the crap out of the dog, but come on, dont take the dogs insides and put it in its mouth, then light the tree on fire! im a big fan of your shit, all violence and stuff. but this is one of your works i disliked.

Joeoutterside, unique, smooth animation thats for sure. mario music, that was an interesting choice, a choice i think payed off, it turned out well. randomness is always good. great job!

Foxcato, i hope the drawing was intended too look like that, it looked kinda funny. the animation was very smooth. the music selection gets somewhat annoying, but the part at the end is pretty cool. i liked it.

This group definately out-did Group A, be proud!


That was reaal nice...
I always look forward to these.
Cant wait until the next one.
Oh and Live corpse you have some serious problems your flash scared the shit out of me!


Yes, even more. I love these, it's interesting to see what people can make out of these and it puts their skill to the test. I like how you vary the schemes. Good work man!

i sore that subliminal messaging in there sqeusy