Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"

good that luis is getting credit for these now

its brillian, set it up, put them together, come up with ideas, post them on the bbs, make a menu page and have eryone else supbmit the work that actually gets the points. i'm not mad about this or anything, its a great idea, great work luis


the first one(first TT) was amazing, everyhitn was good, but this one...just was decent, ecept for squeezy and live corpse, there movies sucked. period, so i dock everyone points for those crappy entries

Its a good way to compete

Don't listen to people who are just pompus asshole's telling you they don't like it. Team A, did kick your ass though. But, this one is still alright.

they were pretty good except,

live corpse sucked, why it ended up with the rest of the likes of: squeezy, joe outterside, and foxcato is beyond my comprehension, that flash was really disturbing, i'd recommend you get yourself institutionalized and soon....

Pretty Good!

Not one of my favorite parts in this series, but it was a wellmade one as always, and it's nice seeing one where the legend Livecropse has contributed as well, his style stays the same as always. Comical choice of audio and a great mixture of interesting concepts in this, good flash, keep it going!