Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


that was retarded ...but i still liked it

Good, for some!

Yeah it was pretty good, I really liked Sqeezy's, I thought that was wicked. Joe Outterside's was also cool. It was a good effort but I think Group A just about clinched this one. Maybe next time eh?

And may I just add, this is all directed to everyone except LiveCorpse. What the fuck was up with that man? I love your normal work but this was shit. Out of all the submissions, then wasn't any other better ones than some dude sticking his dog's intestines down it's throat??? It had virtually nothing to do with the original premise, or did it use it in any significant way.

Well, I'm still looking forward to the next one. Good one guys!

good that luis is getting credit for these now

its brillian, set it up, put them together, come up with ideas, post them on the bbs, make a menu page and have eryone else supbmit the work that actually gets the points. i'm not mad about this or anything, its a great idea, great work luis


the first one(first TT) was amazing, everyhitn was good, but this one...just was decent, ecept for squeezy and live corpse, there movies sucked. period, so i dock everyone points for those crappy entries

one at a time....

squeezy's was alright, livecorpse's was crap, completely missed the point of the challenge, joeoutterside's egg thangs were fun and nicely stylised as were foxcato's crazy characters.