Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


okay. everything wasnt as good as Group A's One exception. that would be Livecorpses piece. What in the fuck is wrong with you? Seriuosly. End yourself. Its people like you who make this world Spiral into hell. You think because a Dog barks its ok to kill it. Right. If thats your voice 1. Your a Pussy 2. You sound like one 3. Stop making shitty flash movies with shitty storys.

No i dont have any flash movies On newgrounds. I know how to make flash. I just dont have the time and energy to make something so dont respond with your pety "omg noob. j00 hav n0 fl4shz0rs" If it wasnt that your shit wasnt wraped up with the other Authors i would say blam this shit


so for the most part these were pretty interesting, except for livecorpses. who the hell picked that out? that has to be one the most disgusting and reprehensible things ive ever seen on newgrounds

that sucks

i really hated the one by Livecorpse.... I liked the one by Luis though.... The one by Livecorpse SUCKED!