Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


but not great.

Squeezy's wasn't anything special... The animation was only decent, the music alright (that song is overused!), the premise below average and the style so-so. It was an okay Flash.

Livecorpse's was stupid. The animation was poor, you could have chosen better music, the premise was idiotic - WTF were you thinking? You might have been able to do more with that premise, but you just stopped at "OMG I know! Kill dog! Blood! Guts! Fire! Yay!" This was NOT a good Flash.

Joeoutterside's movie I liked. I actually liked the music (though I guess there's better that would fit more) and the animation was clean and simplistic. I thought it was good.

Then Foxcato's was one of those, WTFLOL movies. I like these kind of movies, actually. It wasn't overly retarded. Everything was decent - animation, music, style... This was alright by me.

Overall, though, Group B really pales in comparison to Group A. I think you guys really could have done better.

hella better

definitly alot better than the first one, maybe im just more into violent stuff. eh well... oh yea and livecorpse... u need help... like alot of it.

i agree with the last dude

they were all good except the one about killing a dog. i dont know why that one was picked

I liked it for the most part.

It was not as good as group B and eventhough i like Livercorpse, his part sucked. still good though.

me like

I liked the originality and the weirdness of it.
I escpecially liked Squeezy.. I also wanted to know which mUsic he used cause i want to download it.