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Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


that was retarded ...but i still liked it

group b eh?

squeezys flash, wow, you seem quite disturbed, but pretty good flash, i wanted to see more violence though, livecorpse, wow...what were you thinking, it could have been a good idea, but jus didnt seem to work out, jo eoutterside, hm, quite strange, his character design were just like pakos from first group, group a, and they both happen to be third entries, coincidence? O_o...foxcato, i liked the music, but there really wasnt much in the flash that caught my eye, only the scream thing in the end, but that was about it

I liked it for the most part.

It was not as good as group B and eventhough i like Livercorpse, his part sucked. still good though.

one at a time....

squeezy's was alright, livecorpse's was crap, completely missed the point of the challenge, joeoutterside's egg thangs were fun and nicely stylised as were foxcato's crazy characters.

I found Sqeezy's to be the best. This was my favorite of all these time trials so far. It's great that everyone was working together. Livecorpse really was prolific. A pity I was never a fan of that guy to miss him. Anyway, I was surprised that JoeOutterside didn't do a Mario themed one.

I am just so used to that music being used with Mario. In fact, the music was probably the best part out of all of these. It really set the mood. Foxcato's could have been better. Is JoeOutterside the same as Blue-Flame?