Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Anything but spectacular.

Mixed bag of reviews, im expecting something that would rocket my ass away, but I clearly thought wrong.

You wanted it to be much like an 'animated comic' rather than a full animation, but it appears that you were lazy in making it. The lack of mouth movement looks really awkward, which is a downside. If you were not gonna animate anything, the least you could have done is put much more detail into things. The mouth movement should have been there, rather than text bubbles, because at some points the text bubbles just move away too fast. Things are bright and colorful, though. thats a plus.

Sound, nothing wrong with the background music, but please, get some voice actors. You run a popular site, it shouldnt be extremely hard to get some volunteers. Some points, the voices go too fast, and on some of the characters, the voices dont fit at all.

No interactivity or violence, but somebody being shot is always good.

I didnt find any of it funny. Just not something i'd laugh at.

overall, It looked sloppily put together, and It could have used a lot more work put into it. I know you're probably much more capable in flash, but you need to show it to make something really nice and good.

Psyguy responds:

Wow. That was a great review. I got your opinions and understand exactly where you came from, and you weren't insulting. Wow. I don't think I've ever head that kind of review before. So, thank you, for proving that "the other side" aren't total jerks. But, anyways, I disagree as far as the voice acting goes, so do a lot of other people I've talked to. Just personal preferences I guess. And, I still think that the mouth movements don't really add anything. I see where you're coming from and respect that. I'll still stick to my guns though. Thanks for watching.

Sorry Psy

Sorry, but I really thought the movie downright sucked. The humor was blah, the voice acting was horrible, and the animation I feel needs major work. I think it's just a laugh, Psy. You can do so much better, and got better potential... your just not showing it. You should take more time on it.

I'd suggest to not respond to comments, Psy. As a word of wisdom, if you keep those up, your asking for war. I'd suggest taking it down out of concern to prevent an internet war.

Psyguy responds:

*LOL* If people are going to be dicks I'm going to respond to it! What the hell? You can say nasty things about me but I can't?! What the fuck ever!

Ok people! Move along! Nothing to see here!

Sonic as a human? I've seen that before a long time ago in some guys fan art for an Archie comic. I still don't like the voice acting by the way. I don't like the art either. "Speed?" The name has been taken. (Speed racer) Double? Shade? Fists? I see nothing original or funny.


listen......im not one of those poeple that vote bad scores for things for the heck of it.that was just plain out stupid. OH! & to answer SHADES question as too why they need diffrent names is so sega doesnt sue psyguy for using their charictures!!!the soda one......LAME!!!!!! it made no sense, DOUBLE was drinking a soda & then his face got caught in it while disomboied heads are staring a SHADE.seriously man.....you can do better stuff than that.


I viewed this movie, intent on judging it only by it's quality, not by how much I do or do not like Psy...and I can honestly say that these are really bad. I'm sorry but I found them stupid and overall very badly made. None of it even made sense (Yes, sadly I have seen the rest of the series) and it's almost painful to try and understand. the art was bad, the voice acting was on par with the old godzilla movies, and the humor was just...well, not there. :/

Psyguy responds:

That's cool. I respect your opinion. Doesn't always work for everybody. Thanks for looking.