Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Hmmm, so you DID send it here as ye said

So, you DID send them here as you said on yer side, eh? Hehehe...and, um except the other GREAT comics you, the others (and some some of those at your LINKS) are VERY 100% SuperS and A good quality homour! Anyway, except them, this TMS reminds me of my ones...for example T.M.T.! (close name,eh?) it stands for Thats my Tails (and I'm NOT doing it because of your T.M.S.! Hell NO! I did this BEFORE I saw TMS!!! And, its common to see the name "Thats my" right? Take "Thats my Bush" for an example!) Well, eh, keep the site going and say 'Ello (or something) to the others!

(Hehehe, I have drawn MUCH stuff since I was like, 3...Heh!!!)

-Sayonara Bryan...(From Sonny)

Not only your flash, but

your comics rocks the house!

hoyl fuk psy u did it agen

we luv u spygay i men psyguy how u do suchh gwed moevies butt i ditn liek dese erlier tms 2 comex cuz dey wer drawn nott sprietz butt i glad u tern 2 reble sied adn now maek spirte butt dis moieve jenius serisly i luv it. lol speed adn duble hel id never htink of dat u ruk psyguy u r idol adn 1 day i hoep u discovre are siet cuz u r admirer men we luv u psyguy u shud be presidetn of u nite ed statez hel moer u shud be god!1 cuz dats wat u r a god cuz dese mevies kik ass kep up gwed werk adn remeber dat u r awsum lozl


that was so damn frikken cool! make more and you could be the next king of the portal!

Good stuff !

Well, unlike their names, the flash-comic was totally original ! :) You have to try to hear some of the stuff they say a little harder, but that's just I minor thing, or should I say, it's shadowed by the flash's greatness of all the other things... :)

Keep it up !