Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Nice Job!

Your comics suck, but you still got it with flash Psy. I had to see it ten times just so I could hear Double say "The Pepper of Doctor Drink".


I for one, found this entertaining. I liked #2 the best myself. #3 needed a better punch line or something. I do get it was a visual punch line, but i just didn't feel it was enough. This is a very tricky kind of joke though, and you pulled it off well enough I think. I do prefer this over your drawn comics which I found a bit lacking. No offence of course, just my opionion. Sketchy backgrounds arent my thing. This however is something I truely enjoy and I value the fact that you put so much effort into making each comic. Sure you don't animate it, but as you said, things such as timing must be taken into consideration. If you did take 2 months to create an animated comic, people would complain about how you never update your site with any of your own content, as they did during the RFC days. I find this to be a satisfying compromise.

Keep up the good work! And don't let Goji or his braindead zombies get you down. They just don't know how to drop a tiny argument and get on with their lives.

PS, I liked the vectored background in #3. It seems like a nice quick and easy way to make the comic look better! Assuming you did what I think you did and just converted a real pic.


That was cool. I never liked anything more than to see Sonic turned into a human. Does this mean he has lost his powers or has his powers weakened? Anyway this is one of my personel favorites and I give it a 5 rating vote.
Keep up the good work.

very peculiar, but still ok

i thought it was funny at number one and two, shadow > sonic. Also, the idea of knuckles being called snoogums? Just wouldn't work, kinda like calling an evil alligator of doom that ate satan with only indigestion being a consequence 'Fluffy'. Thats why it was funny. Third was a bit shite though.

Outtakes on 23 are the best.

I can't stop laughing on #23! And The outtakes are good, too!