Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

holy shiznit thats hillarious

omg thats so freakin hillarious- i love the voice overs, best ive heard in newgrounds, coming from a microphone at least. i love the subliminal messages also. great stuff

Sonic in his humany... human form!

Wow, just when I think there are no more ways to spoof Sonic, this comes along. The voices were too sueaky sometimes (You character's Especially) The best IMO, would have to be episode 23 (PEPPER OF DOCTOR DRINK), but how would you know what a hampster sounds like unless... O_O YOU SICK BASTARD!


Is it just me, or is everything Psy makes a manifestation of pure awesomeness?


That was fuckin Hilarious!!! i Liked #23 the goodest. The best, i liked it the best because it didn't make any motherfucking sence!!! Hee hee!!!!!! AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!! The first one was good, too, and the second one was EVEN better (but not as good as the third one)

Also hilarious...

Did you ever notice that your character's voice sounds like Foamy from Neurotically Yours?