Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"


Dispite my hatred for Goji(I'll remain anonymous), I'll have to agree with everything he says.

It needs to be more...more.... 'original'.


If that were by any other person but Psy, it would've been blammed by now. :/ Sorry... but I just don't like it.

Psyguy responds:


Amazing. No, really.

This feature had the following qualities:

1. Generic, cliche, unoriginal anime artwork.

2. Some of the worst geek humor I've ever seen implemented in a movie that didn't star a 4 year old school girl in a panda bear suit.

3. Absence of any real animation.

4. No plot, purpose, or cohesive storyline.

5. Awesome 80s childhood cartoon names that give the average 9 year old a feeling of "totally killer" such as "Shade" or "Speed."

So the only potential score raising attribute was the artwork.

Now before the "artist" or others decide to flame me with shit like:

"it takes talent" and "he's a good artist and I'd like to see you do better"

let me clear a few things up:

1. ANYONE can draw like that with the right guidelines and a week of time to burn.

2. There is nothing original about it. It's factory anatomy with no creative value.

3. It's overdone and obnoxious.

4. It's blatantly disturbing. Sexual themes, excessive violence, and obscure storylines. Now consider the fact they almost always look about 12 years old. Add in the strange coincidence that a lot of asian models look about half their age(japanese schoolgirl outfit is quite popular) and you have a recipe for closet/confused pedophiles who are big fans of this fucking shit.

I know I have some anger management problems, but at least I'm not a sexually confused pervert.

I guess I just wasted a lot of my time writing this, but at least I got to vent.