Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Psy does it again!

The title says all

I'm sorry, but...

Being a MAJOR fan of Psy, I'm sorry, but... flaming this guy is WRONG. Take a look at his site! He draws TMS2 and DP, sprites AoH, writes CD3, and manages ROTFW, SE, JI98HLKHSD, SP, AA, UOM, BAWB, and PD. ALSO- He's in charge of tons of RL stuff, too! This guy has no time to satisfy EVERYONE, so if you flame, then I flame you. ^_^ Don't piss me off, you will not live to tell the tale of my wonderful bazooka.

... Sorry bout that. ANYWAY, I really liked it, Psy, cuz I'm a FB20XL fan at heart. ^_^

Psy Guy you have done your work again

Other people hated it but I liked it. You are fucking brilliant. I was thinking about joining your site because I visited everyday since 2001.

I sent this to some of my friends yesterday, and they loved it.

I rated violence 10 because,
soda+Double=Screw Monkey.
Also I rated it 10 for violence because...
Look what you did to Tails' brain! what brain.

21 was the best and it was perfection to the max.
22 was realy funny.
23 it was stupid... funny, Stupid Funny.

Do a comic every two weeks because if you do one every other day you run out of ideas and people leave your website and it is good to do them long apart is that they would visit more and enjoy it more than if you throw one at them every 5 minutes.

I give it a 10 out of 10.
Mission Accomplished but it isn't over!
Good Luck on TMS2!

Wheefun n' stuff

Yes, Psy does rock. Hard. Harder than...stuff...that's...hard...and stuff...*ahem*
It was funny, of course, and even the outtakes were awesome. As for me, I'll keep trying to talk and scream the way he does. I wish I could do even just that, never mind all the awesomeness he does.


Great job Psy... I'm a big fan of your website. Thanx for adding this stuff to newgrounds.