Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"


I LOVED them as humans! You did an awesome job!

Now That's Freakin' Funny!

Great,You've Done It Again Psy,The First And Second Are Great,Though The Third One Could Be A Bit Longer,That's My Only Problem. Funny,Every Last Bit Is Funny-To No Extent.

Awesome,as all of yer other works

Psyguy,you are the man...you're a regular comedian!! This stuff is great. Although I saw the videos on your site before it was on here,I watched them over and over again. And the out-takes for #22 is The. Greatest. However,I'd like to point out some...points,not to be mean or anything:

1. Many people have said it was bad,but I think the voice acting is just fine. It can be better however.
2. The art is very good in my opinion.
3. The dialogue of course has GREAT hilarity,and of course #23 was there just for poking fun at.
4. You da man!

But anyway,Psy,I know you have troubles with that Goji guy,but he's still just another jealous,unworthy fan.

I have something to say to him though:
It's his fucking job. Get a real life.

Floaty-Text Fun for the Whole Family!

I really see no reason to "flame" or "blam" this movie. The jokes are pretty good ("Any potential trainee with the name Snoogums will be shot on sight-ACK!!!"), and I think the names are uncreative to re-enforce the characters stupidity. The art is pretty good, but couldn't you have given them movement? Also, I don't think making a human Sonic is unoriginal (Considering I've never, ya' know, seen the idea on the Web before.).

you will never stop amazing me...

Psy,listen,I love your work,i love your site...but for crying out loud,GET SOME DAMN VOICE
peace out!

Psyguy responds:

Do those grow on trees?