Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Good Work

I thought overall, it was a good movie, meets the expectations of the viewer.

Good graphics, I thought they fit the comic nicely. And the character designs are great. Nothing much I can say here. Sometimes the words do go by a bit quickly, but luckily, you put voices in, so you could hear it if you missed reading it.

I didn't find much wrong with the voices. Especially in the part with Knuckles' new name, I thought the voicing was perfect for the scenes.

Pretty funny, I had a good chuckle. Double getting sucked into the Dr. Pepper cup was classic, and Shade sitting there all disturbed. And the little message on the cup when his face is sucked in.

Funny, I thought it was overall a good Flash movie. Most people think that there has to be super flashy effects that can put you into a coma, or something that needs to be worked on to the point where the author hasn't eaten or slept in weeks. Sometimes the more simpler things are just as good, if not better.

-Guardian CD

Not much can make me laugh, but this managed to!

This is phenomenal. The voices are ok, but there is some room for improvment. The art is fantastic, the music for TMS2: 21 is unique and catchy, and the fact that it's not animated, I'm ok with that. The funniness makes up for it. Out-takes are just great.
This is great Psy! Keep doin what you're doin!
And for those who think this is crap, I smite you.
Because this is not crap. No it's not.


I must say that I really liked your drawings, nice colors. Also very good voiceacting and an ok plot. The problem with your flash is that it is, as you mentioned, to little animation. Maybe that's your style, but your flashes would be so friggen cool if they were animated better, and also, had some more action.

Hilarious, as per usual!

#21's my personal favourite. The line "Dude...that name sucks. Like, if there was some sucking, that would do it a lot and cuz it sucks and it's dumb and stupid" is the funniest part by far. Excellent work, Psy. Who'd have thought that by now they'd be even further subtracted from Sonic & Co.?

Your Sonic flashes are great.

All of your Sonic related flashes are very well done, and I like the voices. Especially Knuckles'. "Testing testing... OK ok OK." Ha hah ah ahah. Keep making "Thats My Sonic!"