Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

My god.....

That had got to be...... the most...... AWSOME THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!! I bow to you O' God of Psychoness. *Starts bowing*

I'm sorry, but...

Being a MAJOR fan of Psy, I'm sorry, but... flaming this guy is WRONG. Take a look at his site! He draws TMS2 and DP, sprites AoH, writes CD3, and manages ROTFW, SE, JI98HLKHSD, SP, AA, UOM, BAWB, and PD. ALSO- He's in charge of tons of RL stuff, too! This guy has no time to satisfy EVERYONE, so if you flame, then I flame you. ^_^ Don't piss me off, you will not live to tell the tale of my wonderful bazooka.

... Sorry bout that. ANYWAY, I really liked it, Psy, cuz I'm a FB20XL fan at heart. ^_^

Awsome Psy!!!!!

OOC:as for hurricanearkyro his comics do not suck they rule!!
IC:I keep saw these at your site and they still make me laugh i keep visiting your site over and over to watch for updates and YOU STILL ROCK MAN!!!

Nice Job!

Your comics suck, but you still got it with flash Psy. I had to see it ten times just so I could hear Double say "The Pepper of Doctor Drink".


listen......im not one of those poeple that vote bad scores for things for the heck of it.that was just plain out stupid. OH! & to answer SHADES question as too why they need diffrent names is so sega doesnt sue psyguy for using their charictures!!!the soda one......LAME!!!!!! it made no sense, DOUBLE was drinking a soda & then his face got caught in it while disomboied heads are staring a SHADE.seriously man.....you can do better stuff than that.